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These Zodiac Signs Are The Most Stressed During Pregnancy

These Zodiac Signs Are The Most Stressed During Pregnancy

Not every pregnancy is the same! If you’re already a mom, you’ve probably noticed that when you’ve talked to your friends about it. Pregnancy can also mean physical and emotional stress. There are various reasons for this, but your zodiac sign can also be an important factor.

These zodiac signs are particularly prone to stress during pregnancy.


Crabs can generally be very changeable! With this sign of the zodiac, emotions take a rollercoaster ride during pregnancy. From “Woo-hoo, life is so beautiful!” to “Oh God, how am I supposed to survive that?” There are often only a few moments. This constant back and forth between crying and laughing is nerve-wracking and makes it almost impossible to fully enjoy pregnancy.


As soon as the pregnancy test of the twin-born is positive, this becomes the all-determining issue. The mother-to-be combs through every available guide on pregnancy, childbirth, and upbringing and quickly becomes an expert. You shouldn’t talk her into it, because that’s just her way of dealing with the event and staying relaxed (also thanks to the new knowledge).


Capricorn simply loves discipline and order. Of course, that’s how it is when a baby is on the way. And if something doesn’t go perfectly in the eyes of the expectant Capricorn mom, then frustration and resentment quickly arise. And that can also be difficult for the environment. This has to adjust to unavoidable mood swings and emotional outbursts.

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