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These zodiac signs simply have doubts in every relationship

Some people have constant doubts in the relationships they have. For most people, only fundamental differences of opinion lead to questioning considerations. But with some zodiac signs , questioning is a permanent condition, even though everything is actually going well.

These zodiac signs have to question everything in the relationship.


Geminis have to double and triple weigh everything. If a relationship is just nice, then they can hardly enjoy the status quo. You are looking for a needle in a haystack. The one small detail that brings the whole supposed (relationship) house of cards to collapse. As the saying goes: who seeks will find! And so it is with Gemini. Because he always finds that one little thing that makes him want to end the relationship. That is why the Gemini often changes partners. In this way, he rarely manages to build a deep and intimate relationship, which of course takes time to mature.


The Virgo places far too high demands on their partners. It simply has to harmonize perfectly with the chosen one in every area of ​​life. Just one small unexpected incident and the Virgo immediately has doubts as to whether the relationship is really made for eternity. Every sentence and every action is weighed on the scales . Although she is generally very down-to-earth, she has high expectations of her counterpart. It therefore takes a very long time before she even gets involved in a relationship. But if the dynamics in the partnership don’t meet her expectations, she immediately pulls the ripcord.


Sagittarius is driven by his love of freedom. In a partnership, you have to get involved and approach each other, and that’s what Sagittarius finds particularly difficult. Making compromises is a really big challenge for him because he immediately feels deprived of his freedom . This is why he keeps having doubts as to whether he is really in the right hands with his partner. Especially when he has a lot in common with his counterpart, he often feels the need to do the same things alone. However, Sagittarius should not take the need to be alone sometimes as an opportunity to end a happy relationship.

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