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This is what your favorite cuddling position says about your relationship

Little spoons , arm in arm or just completely entwined – How a couple prefers to cuddle says a lot about the relationship.

This is what your favorite cuddling position says about your relationship:

lying in your arms

If you love to lie in the crook of his arm and put your hand on your partner’s chest, it means that you are in a very intimate relationship. You really tell each other everything and have already planned a future together. You also love to do typical couple activities together. But sometimes you just want to lie in bed and cuddle while watching TV.


If your favorite way to cuddle is in the spoon position , then you’re already very solid in your relationship. You don’t mind being vulnerable in the relationship because you know your partner is always there for you and protective. In a particularly good relationship, the big spoon always changes. Sometimes it’s him, sometimes you.

head in lap

If you love to lie on his lap and look into each other’s eyes for hours, you two are incredibly in love. At the moment there is only the two of you and you would really do anything for each other. You are in the typical rose-colored glasses phase and love to be with the other in all their activities and to be part of their lives.


If you prefer to lie in bed very tightly wrapped and hugged, one partner with his head on the other’s chest, then you two are newly in love. No matter how hot you get, you simply use every free second to cuddle and enjoy physical contact.

shoulder to shoulder

If you don’t always cuddle together in a tight embrace, but sometimes just lie shoulder to shoulder in bed next to each other, then you’re a well-rehearsed team. You have no problem with spending your free time apart from each other, but you still enjoy sharing time with each other.

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