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We Know Why Some People Hate Hugs

We Know Why Some People Hate Hugs

We Know Why Some People Hate Hugs


No, not today, I’m a little sick, I’m going to keep my germs.” If you are one of those who use this excuse at least once a week to avoid a hug, a hug, or a kiss, this is what will appeal to you.

Why do some people hate hugs?

Suzanne Degges-White, a researcher at the University of Illinois has studied this phenomenon. For her, this phobia or this disenchantment with hugs and hugs has a very precise origin. It is found in childhood and in the emotional education that we have received.

People who have been brought up in a “tactile household” tend to reproduce these gestures easily in adulthood. Conversely, those who grew up without being drowned in hugs and kisses are growing up generally more reserved, less inclined to contact.

There is also a phenomenon of withdrawal. While hugs and caresses were very rare during childhood, a person may on the other hand need “more of this type of contact” as they grow older. The benefits of hugs are proven, maybe it’s an organic reflex.

How to deal with tactile people and those who are not.

First of all, we must take into account the cultural differences that exist. In some countries, the tradition of the kiss does not exist, but the “hug”, or the hug is de rigueur. And in order not to offend anyone, it is better to comply with local customs.

Then you have to be attentive to the signals sent by someone. If you know that a friend, relative or colleague does not like hugs, no need to force them, it will sometimes be perceived as aggression. There are over 7 billion human beings on earth, if 3 or 4 individuals reach out to you rather than cheek, it is no big deal.

Especially since things can change. We can start to love hugs and kisses over time, in contact with someone more tactile. It can also come on spontaneously when having a child.

We Know Why Some People Hate Hugs

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