What Imposes Most On The Signs Of The Zodiac

What Imposes Most On The Signs Of The Zodiac


There are things that paralyze you, they shake you so deeply that you feel that each time you take one step forward, you automatically take two steps back. What most imposes on the zodiac signs breaks their illusions, their dreams, and when they least think they have lost the desire to continue.

There are situations that prefer to be guarded because they fear being judged, but if you pay attention to their gaze you will realize that they are desperately asking for help. 


It may seem from the outside that you always have everything under control, that nothing breaks you and that every time someone tries to hurt you you know how to hit their weak point. However, the most important thing is saying goodbye to a loved one. It is not that you are dependent, but you are very selective and when you let yourself go you really surrender.

It is hard to accept that that person will no longer be there when something good or bad happens to you. You worry that your heart will have to face battles like that because you don’t like changes when it comes to emotional ties. The worst thing is that there is a part inside you that may feel guilty and that is when the crying is present.


You are a very focused person, you do not take steps just because, you analyze everything and if something tells you that it will not do you good, you do not even waste time trying. That is why what most imposes on you is living a sudden change, you feel very insecure when you are not in control of everything that happens to you. Even though you are very smart and know how to deal with all kinds of problems, stress is unavoidable.

Deep down you never stop learning, but for you, it is very difficult to get out of your comfort zone. The unpredictable does not go with your personality, you like to reinvent yourself, but at your pace and with structure. When not, you prefer not to move a single piece.


What most imposes on you has to do with your essence. You are annoyed at receiving the stares of cruel people and not being able to make a change. The simple fact of not being able to show yourself as you are makes you feel very bad, Gemini. The moment you feel like you have to pretend to be accepted, all you want is to disappear. You are an intense, funny being, you don’t like to stay in one place.

What you want is to show everything you have to give to the world. Sometimes, you can love people so much that you end up giving in to any of their requests and they may cloud your personality. You are a free being, you hate signs, and being in the middle of something like that overwhelms you.


You have a very intense and strong side. The truth is that when it comes to stopping people who want to see your face, you don’t think about it for a second. However, there is something that it imposes on you, especially when your emotions get out of control. You do not like to feel that you cannot take refuge in anyone, you are independent, but it is nice to know that you are not alone.

You hate when you feel rejected because you try so hard to do good things for others and it is quite frustrating that they don’t notice. That makes your soul little bits, but you prefer to keep it, your intention has never been to become the victim of your story. You want support, no pity.


You strive every day to do your best, no matter how much you have to sacrifice, Leo. Being the center of attention has never been something uncomfortable for you, on the contrary, deep down you smile because they recognize that everything you do is not in vain. In fact, what most imposes on you is to become one more.

You know that you deserve love, freedom and that when you are belittled it is synonymous with one more crack in your heart. In particular, because your mind knows no limits, and when your insecurities come together to make you feel bad they end up succeeding. You are not here to conform Leo, do not let the opinion of others collapse you, you are much more than that.


You are the one in control, from your thoughts to your actions. You’re used to things going the way you plan, but when they don’t, you want to run away. What it imposes on you is to feel that someone else dominates you, you don’t want to be one more, one of those who conform to the orders of others and lose all kinds of expression.

You are a leader, you like to assert yourself and have your impulses heard. You are not going to become a machine, your ideas are valid and so are your dreams. When you feel excluded, you lose trust in the other and see no reason to continue there.


One of the hardest things Libra can face is trying to understand the slights of the people you love. There is a part inside of him that is very naive, because he trusts too much and believes that everyone has something good in his personality, when it is not like that.

There are many bad people and it imposes on them, it is very hard to discover that not all of them are to be trusted as they say. What you don’t want is to end up giving your best to someone who is just minimizing your emotions and disrespecting you all the time. Betrayals break you, it is the last straw and even if you love too much, you decide to leave. For those fake companies, you better stay alone.


People have a very dark idea of you. They fill their mouths saying that in your eyes there are only wishes for revenge and that when you decide to hurt someone you do it without mercy. That is not so and you know it because your heart is noble and very vulnerable. In fact, that is the reason why it forces you to show yourself as you are.

Your sensitivity is so healing that when you open the doors of your trust to someone you become the pillar they need to regain motivation in everything. You have love to give to millions, but you are afraid to give and give, so the only thing they give you in return is gossip behind your back. Those kinds of betrayals make you so lazy that they have made you lonely.


Your mind does not give in, it always wants more and that is what keeps you alive. It is your dreams that make you get up every day and not let yourself fall. So what is most imposed on you is not doing what you want, having to restrict yourself to please others is something that drives you crazy.

You are someone who always tries to see the positive side of everything, but when you feel inferior your light goes out, if nobody believes in you you start to walk away. You don’t want to be just another doll, you want to enjoy, venture, love, and respect yourself. You love letting go, being conventional has never been your thing.


People call you obsessive, they criticize you for being so intense when it comes to doing things. You are the one who always strives to get a hit in everything. Your dreams are big, you are not satisfied with what the majority wants and of course, you are not afraid of working whatever it takes to achieve it. However, what it imposes on you is to make mistakes, it frustrates you to realize that you invested time in something that did not turn out as you expected.

You feel terrible because your anxiety tells you that you are not giving enough, even though you know that you are trying twice as hard. You don’t care what other people say, you are the one who has become their own enemy and that is too painful. You need truce Capricorn, stop.


You are the one who has created in your soul, you like to paint boring things in color and dare to do everything that scares the rest. What it imposes on you is losing your independence, imagining that you become one of the herds is the worst thing that can happen to you.

That is synonymous with imposition, with conforming to what others say is right and wrong. You love your weird side because it has helped you launch yourself to success. Breaking your fears makes your life unpredictable and that adrenaline keeps you at the bottom of the barrel. You like risk, not monotony and that means staying with only a few people, but you accept it. You prefer someone who respects you and does not release their prejudices on you.


Although your resilience helps you overcome any bad face, the truth is that you are not indifferent to the way others despise you. Not that you want everyone to think the same as you, but it’s hard to see how they minimize everything that comes out of your mouth.

The criticisms stay in your depths and when you feel insecure they come back to your mind making you believe that they are right. It forces you to know that many people you help and want to see succeed are just waiting for you to take a wrong step to rejoice over your misfortune. Those feelings consume you and make you distrust everyone. The panic of hugging the enemy accompanies you all the time.

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What Imposes Most On The Signs Of The Zodiac