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Nutrition: Why Eating Fruit At The End Of Meals Is Not Always A Good Idea

Why Eating Fruit At The End Of Meals Is Not Always A Good Idea

After a good meal, what could be better than a small piece of fruit? Like that, we balance everything, and/or we give ourselves a clear conscience. It’s healthy, it’s good, and everyone is happy. No?
Well no, think again! Consuming fruit after lunch or dinner can cause some inconvenience.

Each food has its own digestion rate: that of fruits is said to be faster than that of other foods, such as carbohydrates or proteins. This difference would cause a slowdown in the digestion of the fruit. This can cause bloating or gas.

The fibers of the fruits, on the other hand, could cause pain in the intestines of people with irritable bowel syndrome.

If you have observed this kind of inconvenience, it is better to change your habits; if not, no need to stop.

If you absolutely want to consume fruit during a meal, preferably choose breakfast, less generous than lunch or dinner and taken on an empty stomach. Apart from that, it is recommended to take its fruits at least an hour before or three hours after eating to enjoy all their benefits without suffering their inconvenience.

To stay in a light vibe, we recommend cooked fruit, more digestible at the end of a meal, or a good fragrant herbal tea.

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