You Won’t Be Respected As A Woman If You Do These 9 Things

The nature of a man is that love and respect go hand in hand. And if a girl wants to be loved, respect must be taken care of first of all.

1. Not being a “Yes” girl

Most men tend to respect those who have their own opinion, even if it contradicts their own. A girl who agrees with everything that a man offers or says is unlikely to arouse deep feelings in him.

2. Don’t get drunk

Yes, men have double standards in this regard. If one of their comrades gets drunk in the trash, they will later simply say – they had a good time, but a drunken woman, and even in a public place, is a shame, disgrace, and, in general, a humiliating sight for them.

3. Have your own life

Most men want to be part of a woman’s life, but not her whole life. Men do not respect women who make them “light in the window”. Much more attractive is a girl who has her own interests, hobbies, friends.

4. Don’t jump into bed with the first person you meet.

S*x on the first date is the surest way to start a relationship with disrespect. The truth is that men don’t appreciate what they get for free. The more efforts he makes to conquer, the more he appreciates his girlfriend. And the longer they wait for this moment, the more they will respect her for her principles and legibility.

5. Don’t lie

Honesty is the key to any healthy relationship. Small lies, as you know, give rise to big grievances. And destroys precious trust. Any lie will sooner or later return to you like a boomerang.

6. Don’t complain about your ex

Everything works here at once: a check for lice, the decency of a girl, and banal male solidarity. And no matter how reptile your ex is, it is important to understand the line beyond which to tell something dangerous. It is better to limit yourself to a few phrases – honest, but exhaustive. Otherwise, he will think that in the event of a breakup, you will speak about him in the same way in front of a new boyfriend.

7. Don’t flirt with others

It’s not just jealousy. The fact is that frank flirting will bring you unnecessary fame, but they will look at him as a cuckold. This, you know, no man’s vanity will survive. And then, if in you he sees a girl of “easy behavior”, he is unlikely to start respecting you.

8. Be yourself

No need to pretend to be someone else – men respect those women who know how to be honest with themselves. Everyone wants to see a real person next to them without pretense and idle talk.

9. Be a lady

The Lady is the highest embodiment of the Woman. No need to pretend to be your boyfriend, act cheeky or rattle “balls of steel”. Tenderness, femininity, purity – those qualities that never cease to be in the price of men, even if they never admit it.

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