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Metaverse Technologies Transformed Every Area

While virtual technologies such as metaverse and artificial intelligence continue to affect every sector, the music industry is also getting its share of this transformation. Famous artists are planning concerts in the meta-universe, and artists meet their fans in different countries in a virtual environment. So how is the metaverse transforming the industry? Drawing attention to his predictions about the future of music, DJ Burak Aksu said that singers and DJs should be ready for the metaverse that will gradually transform the near global music market.

DJ and producer Burak Aksu evaluated the transformation in the music industry. Stating that Metaverse technology has started to transform many sectors from shopping to events, Aksu pointed out that it is not possible for the music industry not to be affected by this. Pointing out that the addition of the “Best Metaverse Performance” category to the Video Music Awards organized by the world-famous music channel MTV is an important development, Aksu stated that there are singers such as Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber in this category. Aksu also reminded us that Eminem and Snoop Dogg will perform in the metaverse.

“Avatars of singers will perform in Metaverse”

Burak Aksu said, “The number of metaverse platforms focusing on the music industry is increasing day by day. Metaverse is transforming the music industry. For this reason, singers and especially DJs should prepare for this virtual universe.” used the phrases. Noting that metaverse concerts will become widespread in the near future, the experienced DJ continued: “Metaverse virtualizes the world. It is unthinkable that the music industry, which is directly related to digital systems, does not take place in this world. Avatars of singers will perform on Metaverse, and concerts will be attended by fans from all over the world. For example; A DJ performing in a meta-universe will be able to interact with a listener from Luxembourg, and people from different cultures will ask DJs to play their favorite songs.”

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Pointing out that music styles such as rap and hip-hop, which are especially popular in the Z generation, are compatible with the texture of the metaverse universe, Burak Aksu said, “Technologies such as meta-universe, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and NFT have begun to affect the music industry. It will be possible to attend a concert by a popular singer on Metaverse at any time. Music lovers who are stressed in concert venues will be able to experience the same interaction and emotions in a virtual universe in a room of their home. DJ Aksu also pointed out that this transformation in the music industry has the potential to lead to radical changes in the industry.

“No virtual experience replaces interaction with a real artist”

“Musicians and sound engineers can easily find their place in the meta-universe. The intersection of technology and music is extremely beneficial for the industry. Maybe everyone can play an instrument now. Maybe virtual artists will emerge from people who are fascinated by the virtual piano.” says DJ Burak Aksu, predicting that metaverse artists will dominate the industry; However, adding that no virtual experience can replace interaction with a real artist, he added, “Artificial intelligence can make music easier in many ways. Artists can thus find a wider range of motion. However, music is a universal language where the souls of the artist and the fan come together. This language will transform in the virtual universe. For this reason, artists need to take these risks and put the metaverse on their agenda.”

“The impact of virtual technologies on music will be limited”

Experienced DJ Burak Aksu concluded his words as follows: “I think music lovers, those who see music as an experience rather than just entertainment, will resist the metaverse. For example; a rap artist has a unique cultural experience. This culture and artistic experience cannot develop in the virtual universe. Without this culture and experience, songs with millions of listeners cannot be produced. For this reason, I think the impact of virtual technologies such as metaverse on the music industry will be limited to some areas.”

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