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WhatsApp Calls Are Now Better on Windows | Times Catalog

WhatsApp Calls Are Now Better on Windows; Here’s How!

WhatsApp has recently made an exciting announcement to enhance the messaging and calling experience on Windows PCs. They have introduced a new version of the Windows app, focusing on improved performance and convenient calling features. This eagerly anticipated update is now available for users, bringing a host of new functionalities.

WhatsApp’s New Windows App Introduced

One of the standout features of the new WhatsApp for Windows app is the ability to have group video and audio calls. Previously, users were limited to one-on-one calls on WhatsApp Desktop. However, with the latest update, you can now add up to 8 people for video calls and up to 32 participants for audio calls. This expansion opens up new possibilities for connecting with friends, family, and colleagues.

Mark Zuckerberg, the prominent figure behind WhatsApp, expressed his excitement about the launch of the new WhatsApp desktop app for Windows. He emphasized the ability to make end-to-end encrypted video calls with up to eight people and audio calls with up to 32 people. WhatsApp plans to further increase these limits in the future, aiming to provide a seamless communication experience on par with smartphones. It’s worth noting that WhatsApp already allows up to 32 people in a group video or audio calls, so this update amplifies the convenience for desktop users.

WhatsApp Calls Are Now Better on Windows | Times Catalog

In addition to the expanded calling capabilities, WhatsApp has made significant improvements to its multi-device functionality. This feature enables users to utilize a single account across multiple devices, though secondary phones are not currently included. With the new update, messages can be received on your PC even when your smartphone is offline. This enhancement ensures that you can stay connected and receive important messages conveniently, regardless of your smartphone’s status.

The new WhatsApp app for Windows also delivers faster loading times and features an interface that closely resembles the user-friendly designs of WhatsApp for Android and iOS. This harmonization of the user experience across platforms contributes to a seamless transition between devices. As expected, the new WhatsApp for Windows app maintains high standards of privacy and security through end-to-end encryption, similar to its mobile counterparts.

These newly added functionalities are part of WhatsApp’s continuous efforts to improve the user experience across various platforms. This follows the introduction of the native Windows app last year and ongoing beta testing of apps for Android tablets and macOS. Users can now download the latest WhatsApp for Windows app to take advantage of these exciting features. The development team encourages users to share their thoughts and feedback on the updated app, creating a space for open dialogue and continuous improvement.

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